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09.08.2020 23:53
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Epicxz 10.08.2020 22:13
fuck you vangle
Epicxz 10.08.2020 22:13
vangle @08/10/2020 13:02
Pixel-PLush , 1 yes, I can draw, stupid. 2- huy look how great that my ex friend protects you -__- 3- I know, goats do not draw, LIKE YOU, you do not draw, you stripes jsjs. 4- good, I really don't give a mrd 5 you You are the toxic, baby, you insult me. 6-I say what my cartoons are, this animation is great and cool, and you stole it. 7- do not look at your stupid gallery, your useless drawings appear in anonymous, sandbox, and paintings. _Kyome_ shut up that you are too, AH, AND NOT THAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE INACTIVE? Get lost!
Epicxz 10.08.2020 19:59
Epicxz 10.08.2020 19:58
Epicxz, HAHAHA no,sorry,you literally not are worthy,you use so much pg,you don't make good story's,and you style to animate look like Kandicat xdd
Epicxz 10.08.2020 00:01
kashewisnoice, stfu

vangle @08/03/2020 16:29
Epicxz, bipolar
Epicxz, at least i'm unique bech
"epicxz" shut the fuck up
Epicxz, idiot
all by vangle.... bc noone else is toxic... i guess