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probably gonna be my pfp

21.04.2021 10:30
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-MONEY- 24.04.2021 09:55
-MONEY-, why all of a sudden i get 3-5 likes on every toon wth lol
-MONEY- 24.04.2021 09:55
Bububooo3, tbh ive had that many times so by now im just like: "yeah okay cool"

Bububooo3 23.04.2021 23:57
-MONEY-, You should focus more on the fact that a passer put your toon in their favorites. The 3rd one at that.
-MONEY- 21.04.2021 17:23
-MONEY-, no i dont, that was like, almost a year ago
-MONEY- 21.04.2021 17:23
-MONEY-, if people still say that, i just say thnx
-MONEY- 21.04.2021 17:22
AkBAPELbKA 21.04.2021 11:35
Its cool
AkBAPELbKA 21.04.2021 11:34
Ohhh...~ hello?