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30.08.2019 16:28
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takashisenpai18 01.09.2019 18:41
takashisenpai18, older pits could sometimes attack too no matter what and how they were raised.
takashisenpai18 01.09.2019 18:40
Tomtord_Lover, that's when your wrong there lad, again they don't have to be abused in order to hurt people, an excited pitbull (who wasn't abused) would think they are being playful when really they are not (commonly would acure to young pits), they are biting the arm of a person, pretty violently too, so the person will have to hit the dog or hurt them in a way that the dog would let go. Mind you Pitbulls have a very very powerful bite force and have high pain tolerance, it would take a lot to make them let go sometimes, or they would just bite down harder because they would think your playing. so really. yeah. mind you this is coming from experience, you obviously haven't trained a Pitbull in your life, or you wouldn't be saying this stuff. not all Pitbulls are the same. just like people they have different emotions and a different mindset to things as well as mental health. while some Pits wouldn't hurt a human some will. Even if the dog was abused some wouldn't hurt a human, while others will. so once again, it really matters on the dog itself, what does it think? what does it feel? They don't have to be abused in order to hurt people. Some Pits are being well handled and trained, but sometimes they would disobey their good owners and bite for no actual reason, only that they are being rebellious (that would acure to mostly young pits who are almost a year or a little over a year old.) blah blah blah blah yeah Pits could bite no matter what. some would have good owners and still hurt people, yeah. blah blah you got the jist and if you want to continue this crap I would continue defending the fact that they could hurt someone no matter what.
Tomtord_Lover 01.09.2019 03:55
takashisenpai18, Ik its natural, but one of the main reasons that they hurt people is because they get abused by humans while they grow up, so if they ever get free, they hurt people because theyre scared and dont know what else to do ;-; i just love my precious babies T^T
Tomtord_Lover 30.08.2019 21:57
cri i know ;-; it just makes me upset that most people only pay attention to the bad things that they do and how they hurt people and stuff ;-;
takashisenpai18 30.08.2019 18:39
they don't have to be abused in order to hurt people. like any dog, they could bite you whenever they like and how hard they like.
takashisenpai18 30.08.2019 18:38
they could actually hurt people.

its a natural thing.
Stubbornhearted2 30.08.2019 17:30