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(InkTober#1) Poisonous

02.10.2018 04:26
last minute post woops. Anyways, since you dont *really* have to do inking to participate, I decided to use Toonator for my entries!
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RANDOMGIRL4 06.10.2018 03:56
Kotsuko, Aaa thanks ^_^
Kotsuko 06.10.2018 03:53
Wow this is actually really good!!! 0o0
RANDOMGIRL4 04.10.2018 03:39
RANDOMGIRL4, takashisenpai18, But its okay that you corrected me, people have different views on this event. lol
RANDOMGIRL4 04.10.2018 03:22
takashisenpai18, Not everybody has the money to afford ink, sadly. Yet I wanted to participate in some way, and if I did do Ink, I wouldn't be able to post. I don't have social medias that can upload scanned works.
takashisenpai18 03.10.2018 19:41


I'm sorry.... .-.
RANDOMGIRL4 03.10.2018 03:03
MoonSpeckle 03.10.2018 03:03