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This is Wendy Bangcok

23.04.2019 05:21
she likes dudes who are shorter than her. And acts like a pris bitch when she hasn't had any of her morning coffee.
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Sketched-hope 23.04.2019 05:43
i mean, i am short,, uhm
i also relate to the coffee part, except all i do is act pissy.
JacksonAnimates 23.04.2019 05:35
J_M_, 1. No, she ain't a virgin.
2. Yes you may, she's very huggable.
3. I don't know, but she thinks everyone else is.
J_M_ 23.04.2019 05:26
1. Is she a virgin.
2. Can I hug her.
3. why does she seem precious-