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Sword Prac.

05.12.2016 00:28
First:I didn't mean for the stick fig to shrink and grow Second:Thank you all so much on the support on my most recent animation! Third: Listen to this Bad ass song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-5yo2xXHSE&list=FLWFtRTaKaR4NSPW5VCRR1eQ&index=35


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Fusing 06.12.2016 06:02
stikiliki, thanks, and I finally know ur not dead
stikiliki 05.12.2016 08:23
Oh bro this is awesome
Fusing 05.12.2016 01:24
Plush_toys, thanks
Plush_toys 05.12.2016 00:55