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wholesome 100 doom x ac

22.03.2020 03:38
lol i'm so funny and quirky lol, i'm a smol lil bean and i'm go to store and buy doom eternal lol, and im big buff man and i buy animal crossing, we're both so quirky and not FUCKING ANNOYING
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natann0908 05.05.2020 20:13
-__-__-__-__-__- 03.04.2020 21:52
kindkazoo, my sister says stuff like that

shes 17
Pelham 28.03.2020 00:14
i shove baguettes up my ass
Zatch 25.03.2020 02:18
kindkazoo, "IM BABY UWUW oWo"
>is 500 lbs irl
kindkazoo 25.03.2020 01:39
i dont get why people saying they are a potato or that someone is a smol bean is quirky and hillarious

its just cringe
Zatch 24.03.2020 06:35
RobloxianCats, you're too kind
RobloxianCats 24.03.2020 02:41
where's the medal?
this is oldschool-worthy
this is just amazing.
AnthTanth 23.03.2020 05:17
so cute <333
foxytrotfox 22.03.2020 20:09
this expresses how much i hate isabelle
Zatch 22.03.2020 08:09
SuruSuruWo, bro i'd smash my phone, i couldn't deal with either