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rock dragon

17.02.2017 06:54
tbh i barely tried on this one, 50% Effort... and sorry the body looks like just a lot of circles... its all rocks :P
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Moonrise 18.02.2017 22:30
you love draagons as i see
fnaf-tale 18.02.2017 07:04
DiscoTattleTail2, i did? oh.. Then Your welcome >w<
DiscoTattleTail2 18.02.2017 07:02
He/she likes dragons i like dragons fnaf tale you are my art teacher you made me good at art and you gave me shading skill. ur the best
justnaturethings 17.02.2017 17:17
Thunder_Artist 17.02.2017 07:03
fnaf-tale, I wish toonator had a follow button. I would totally follow you
Sanboy 17.02.2017 07:02
fnaf-tale, don't worry about them. idk what they're doing
fnaf-tale 17.02.2017 07:00
uuuhhh..... ._. is it THAT bad?
Akami-The-Dragon 17.02.2017 06:56
The_Plibble, just stop
Akami-The-Dragon 17.02.2017 06:56
Galaxysplosion 17.02.2017 06:56