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23.09.2018 23:54
Another test-ish thing. Feat. that feral witch version of my fursona :)
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RANDOMGIRL4 28.09.2018 20:30
I also just love this woman. Honestly the best naive but caring person I could have. AND IM SO ANXIOUS TO SEE HER, ITS UNREAL
RANDOMGIRL4 28.09.2018 20:29
!!!!IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!!(Since I cant post for some reason) My sister is visiting in four days. It's only a week-long stay, however...She lives up in Maine, while I live in SC. And I havent seen her in person for a full year!
The only way we can communicate atm is by a private Discord server(No im not making a public server anytime soon. Still thinking about it though!), but that's not the same as seeing her in real life!
She is an important figure in my life, but she always over-works herself. She needs this vacation. I wanted to let y'all know in a post, but Toon wont let me post = )