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toonator is back. happy.

18.06.2018 11:41
it's great toonator is back. however, this reminded me why i left in the first place. this is a third party server which means our work isn't entirely ours. It can be deleted at any time, especially if they run out of money or decide to shut down. That is why i recommend purchasing your software. Adobe suite, painter tool sai, among all the other costly ones, are ways to keep the artist poor forever. so a good alternative that i found and use is a program called paintstorm studio. Paintstorm Studio is affordable, like 20 bucks and cheap. best thing is that is was also made by a russian. yay russian innovatives! so, in a way, the kindness of this website will never leaves. just wanted to let you all know.
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-__-__-__-__-__- 28.02.2020 22:30
bro this user, the user who made the first ever toon after the wipe, actually favourited toons made in december 2019
zefuro 23.03.2019 23:29
Sunshineoftime, Oh? just to let you know, every software could be free if dowloaded in creative ways~
I have the full version of paint tool SAI along with the texture, and i didnt pay for it.
Dru 23.03.2019 22:30
So... Welcome back, m8, how do u do? :)
Raven_TTG 18.07.2018 22:47
I saw one of your toons from 2011 and i am amazed.
FunnyCollection 25.06.2018 22:05
lol. you don't happen with open multator.ru? just curious to know, what if this is the case. I translate from Google translator, I if that 50% Russian 50% English. it's just that in England I lived half my life, and in Russia, of course, too. I rarely see people drawing from the opening multator.ru I'm sorry, I can't write every word with a capital letter. (because laziness) heh
Sunshineoftime 19.06.2018 08:45
zyriee, me too! so glad it's back and restored! this place is memories and it has my old artwork. plus the contacts overtime. who can afford to lose that? XDDDD (thinking about it...sweats*)
Sunshineoftime 19.06.2018 08:44
-RoadKill, lol! that is what i did in the beginning! but when you draw so much, then it's like oh man...so many snapshots! also if you want to show your work for like...portfolios or to like more professional ppls, you need a file. thus, it's good to have a program that stores your files. it would be nice if we could have a free download feature that made it into some sort of jpeg file. ^-^
Sunshineoftime 19.06.2018 08:42
MissHorror123, it's a good idea to exchange emails and facebook or some other way of communications with the ones you really vibe with. met one of my best friends here years ago and we still keep in touch. so definitely exchange contacts. <:333
Sunshineoftime 19.06.2018 08:42
Serulii, i've tried firealpaca for a while! it is really good. paintstorm studio though, mimics the photoshops programs a bit more, which is why I like it. seriously though! i wish we could own our adobe products again! like the good ol days. ''ToT''
Serulii 19.06.2018 00:49
aww sunshine!! and yeah i agree, but toonator is just really fun to practice on and there's a great community on here too.
BTW, for anyone who doesn't want to spend $923102983 on animation/art programs yet, I recommend getting Firealpaca/Medibang and then getting some video editor. Medibang is good freeware for digital art and Firealpaca has an onion skin mode that can be used for animation c: but yeah!