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What. The. F!@#$%^^$#%$@$@#%$%$%#$#%$@#%@#$%#@$%@#

10.04.2019 02:23
Toon isn't letting me draw with my touch screen. I can still interect with the options, but I can't make a single mark when trying to draw.
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poppliotube 10.04.2019 03:52
Awkward__Artist 10.04.2019 03:02
Hinikuna, I'm required to download that aswell.
poppliotube 10.04.2019 03:01
BadJokes,things are probably blocked, like downloads Awkward__Artist, yea i'm trying both but never got anything back...Hinikuna, doesn't work on my school computer
Hinikuna 10.04.2019 02:50
Awkward__Artist 10.04.2019 02:41
BadJokes, I think I'd have to download one since I'm on a school chromebook.
BadJokes 10.04.2019 02:34
Maybe try a different browser?
Awkward__Artist 10.04.2019 02:30
poppliotube, Everyone has their preferences, I'm just sticking to both.
poppliotube 10.04.2019 02:27
Awkward__Artist, :'( almost everyone is on drawn now...
Awkward__Artist 10.04.2019 02:24
At least it still works with Drawn.
Hinikuna 10.04.2019 02:23