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anyone want me to draw something decent

30.07.2016 19:00
or have ideas for something decent please bc im bored af
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oohcoralx 30.07.2016 22:52
moham1, i thought you said you had cancer and would die in a week
moham1 30.07.2016 19:04
oohcoralx, if I did that I would get hated by toonator people and they will rant on how shit my animations are.

KayAnimate 30.07.2016 19:03
moham1, Sick roasts bro.
oohcoralx 30.07.2016 19:03
moham1, i would if i tried but i never try
moham1 30.07.2016 19:03
You cant
KayAnimate 30.07.2016 19:01
oohcoralx, Okay.
oohcoralx 30.07.2016 19:01
AlphaMale, no thanks
oohcoralx 30.07.2016 19:01
KayAnimate, no thanks
KayAnimate 30.07.2016 19:00
Hop on the duck train maybe?
AlphaMale 30.07.2016 19:00
draw me burning in hell