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To be honest

09.11.2018 05:34
Vegeta Ultra Instict, i wish it happened instead of goku... Vegeta is my fav character, but he doesnt get enough love from the writers.
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SpiritWolfie 12.11.2018 03:26
Themations21 10.11.2018 15:59
tbh, it's basically a whole fight in dragon ball. if dragon ball is gonna have a 2 minute fight, it's gonna be a repeated version of this
SwagTomato 10.11.2018 11:49
ladiesman217 10.11.2018 00:27
DaleksOfSkaro, I'm doing something from Super too. When I finish the first frame I'll post it so you can see. (hint: It's level is maximum.)
DaleksOfSkaro 10.11.2018 00:24
WolfHats, nah, just practice
WolfHats 10.11.2018 00:09
Good way better than I can do
DaleksOfSkaro 09.11.2018 23:00
Aylin_M, Yeah, they just breath out.
Aylin_M 09.11.2018 22:27
vegeta is my fav char too. also, I think Ultra instinct matches him better, and his voice :/

also it's the first time they dont scream while turning sayain or somethin like that
pixelchan 09.11.2018 19:07
JacksonAnimates 09.11.2018 18:20
DaleksOfSkaro, hecc you, mate

this is a serious hecc you