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There there..1#

17.06.2016 13:47
Duh, the walk took forever X_X


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niki_91 18.06.2016 23:33
IAlwaysWaitMore, omg i see it >3< its okay :DD just dont look at it for too long bc you will notice even the smallest things x) experience xDDD even doe, my whole animations are mistake lol :D
IAlwaysWaitMore 18.06.2016 17:10
I just realized that annoying dot in the walk scene >;U
niki_91 18.06.2016 14:27
IAlwaysWaitMore, youre welcome <3 !
Sass-Crystal 18.06.2016 11:35
AH amazing bra! A++
IAlwaysWaitMore 17.06.2016 22:29
niki_91, Thank you so much! I really love to hear that!
niki_91 17.06.2016 22:01
awhhaha this is cute -3o well animated, i love the smoothnesss.. AND THat slow walk cycle, bravo *claps* <3
IAlwaysWaitMore 17.06.2016 14:39
Lomtik_Cat, cannibalove, Thankies OwO
Lomtik_Cat 17.06.2016 14:36
wow,,it's so cool!
cannibalove 17.06.2016 14:35
poor little fa-mask.
_Nyash-Myash_ 17.06.2016 14:08
Scary_Ghoul, лол х)
Ну, зато теперь будешь знать :D