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Appeal to mods

08.06.2019 14:19
Why did you remove this toon from all sections?
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Koohoogle 13.11.2019 15:36
А почему собственно рот в гавне ?
Le_Awesome_Derp 20.09.2019 02:07
just say that isn't blood but ketchup
exp13 09.06.2019 16:11
because. that's why.
Squipper 08.06.2019 20:39
Squipper, remove*
Squipper 08.06.2019 20:39
Talia8Pie, do you see a reason to remov that toon?
+ mods never removed toons with blood, like now
Talia8Pie 08.06.2019 15:34
Honestly don't know, you should see the things that are really scary and still stay in oldschool
Squipper 08.06.2019 14:21
Oops, I drew the blood again