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Rules of the R0YALS

23.09.2017 20:43
1. I will not let just anyone in. I will have to review their animation level. Pm me if you believe you are worthy, then I shall analyze your skill. 2. Once you are in, be sure to be careful with your animation. I wish to keep this account a passer account. If you are a part of R0YALS and animate something but are unsure of the animation, please make it a draft then come to me for further analysis. 3. If you wish to leave, you may not have to ask me. You can leave of your own accord. 4. This is a group account, so obviously collaberation toons are accepted. If you believe that it might demote the account, please consult me about it. 5. If you are uncomfortable with animation but are a part of this account, I can reason with you in the pms. Perhaps you can leave a drawing into the sandbox, or you may ask another user who does animate to animate something over it. 6. No porn or automatic removal from the group. 7. Don't be a bad sport; You may not insult other users on here, but I do all
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R0YALS 24.03.2018 22:48
Mcflurrydog06, If they're an animator and lose their rank, nothing changes. If they're a passer and lose their rank, then they'd have to ask me for permission before posting.
I will treat all equal in the rules (as much as I can, anyways; I have a terrible memory). - Fluff
Mcflurrydog06 24.03.2018 21:53
I have a question: what if the person in the group loses their passer/higher rank?
R0YALS 03.11.2017 07:09
marshmello101, Nice! - Fluff
marshmello101 30.10.2017 22:32
Fluffowuffo, gueess whut IMA TRY TO BE A PASSSERRRRRR YAYYYY
R0YALS 21.10.2017 09:18
Ellucero28, I'll add your name to the wanna-be members list. - Fluff
Ellucero28 21.10.2017 03:42
May i Join?
Fluffowuffo 15.10.2017 10:37
-Wildspirit-, I'll add ya to the wanna-be members list.
-Wildspirit- 15.10.2017 10:35
I would ask to join, but then I think to how often/well I animate and I think twice. I guess it's your decision, though. So, wanna be or not, that is the question ;)
Fluffowuffo 15.10.2017 03:09
marshmello101, You're welcome, and I already added your username to the wanna-be members list.
marshmello101 15.10.2017 02:52
o-ok im kinda not that good but thnx for considering it ^^