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Devil Thingy Also Desc ;-;

24.11.2019 19:27
I- well basically there's an ice skating trip and I don't wanna go cause 1. I can't ice skate 2. I don't even have ice skates 3. IT'S ON FRIDAY THE 13TH LIKE WHAT THE FAHFUACK
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Toonimator_666 01.12.2019 22:23
Le_Awesome_Derp 01.12.2019 06:52
Hey look, it's me!
Toonimator_666 26.11.2019 10:55
sivanisuresh, aight that's cool
sivanisuresh 26.11.2019 02:53
But I am going to name the oc Shadow for now
Toonimator_666 24.11.2019 23:22
sivanisuresh 24.11.2019 20:37
Satan wants your location