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29.06.2018 00:46
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the wings looked so much better without the lag xD
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Sazzafrazz 29.06.2018 04:40
TooMuchCoffee, <w< ik, at least it looks amazing
icri 29.06.2018 01:35
TooMuchCoffee 29.06.2018 01:26
Sazzafrazz, Correction, the lag means that there is too much color for the animation to keep up with. Therefore, it lags.
Sazzafrazz 29.06.2018 01:10
:000 The lag means that its so good
CGDat1Guy 29.06.2018 00:51
it still looks awesome but that is some bad lag
icri 29.06.2018 00:48
the preview!! oh nooooo :0