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±Central Processing Unit±

26.12.2017 04:49
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*You find yourself at His Core. His brain, His heart, sending signals to the rest of his functions and back. You feel almost.. tickled, or rather, a tingly feeling throughout your body.* Song: Information Society - White Roses
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BEVERLY_HILLS 26.12.2017 21:24
the blending in the round bubble thing...
Innesxxx 26.12.2017 21:21
Damn the makers of Steven universe is shook.
TinyToons 26.12.2017 21:18
this is kinda reminds me of a squip finding its way to the brain and taking over
Dodobroking11 26.12.2017 21:17
honeybear 26.12.2017 20:59
Wow, you never fail to make astonishing work
bevvo 26.12.2017 17:18
Wow, so much detail! It's beautiful!
chubikii 26.12.2017 16:09
Ink_evil 26.12.2017 12:43
I live in Russia.
Ink_evil 26.12.2017 12:41
It is a masterpiece! Sorry, if something is wrong written, I use an interpreter, because I do not know your language well. Once again I'm sorry. But the animation is good.
AnnikatheLlama 26.12.2017 12:39