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Life Is Fun, But it has my oc in it.

24.07.2018 04:28
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Offel 13.08.2018 04:53
Kristersv10, Original Character
Kristersv10 06.08.2018 12:12
what does oc mean?????
Offel 31.07.2018 22:00
ToonToonAnimator 30.07.2018 21:42
UnicornBunnies 24.07.2018 04:45
Offel, ok
Offel 24.07.2018 04:45
UnicornBunnies, i won't i'm just sayin' :/
UnicornBunnies 24.07.2018 04:43
UnicornBunnies, i cant type today ecksdee
UnicornBunnies 24.07.2018 04:42
Offel, peopel take things out of album for lots of reasons
sometimes for
**dramatic affect**
how do i know yur nto doing that?
also if you block me i dont really care, go ahead lol
Offel 24.07.2018 04:40
I took it out of album for a reason :/
UnicornBunnies 24.07.2018 04:37
Offel, i feel like you dont even try to press it because everytime i see you post its usually a wip and i feel your trying to get peoples attention by saying "oof dont look at this it was meant to be a draaafttt >~<!!"