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Pls Don't Kill Me ;-;

14.06.2019 16:19


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SonicmlpGolden 18.06.2019 08:55
AirDragon23, True!
Also, I wonder why nobody questioned my add on.
(Because I'm straight too) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
AirDragon23 14.06.2019 23:02
Nedahertt, @eruptixin,

Guys- the person who created the whole thing said put your sexuality on it. It didn't say it was just for lgbtq+

Calm down
Nedahertt 14.06.2019 18:11
eruptixn, ?? i dont get your logic.
allies for the lgbt community are some what lgbt
straights arent in the lgbt community either, if they were trans of some sort they would put some sort of flag that way.
im saying in a way, allies (if anything) should be here instead of just straight.

anti-lgbt arent good for the lgbt
allies? yes.
eruptixn 14.06.2019 18:08
Nedahertt, with that logic, people who are anti-lgbt are also in relation to the lgbt community. while in a literal sense, yes, they are, they still are not part of the community.
Nedahertt 14.06.2019 18:06
eruptixn, its at least in relation to the lgbt community :))
eruptixn 14.06.2019 17:50
Nedahertt, allies aren't lgbt either soooo

if you're cis and straight you're not lgbt
Nedahertt 14.06.2019 16:38
AirDragon23, ah,,,, o k

change to ally ^^;
im p sure the add on thing is usually for lgbt
AirDragon23 14.06.2019 16:32
Nedahertt 14.06.2019 16:31
whats the flag of?
SatanTeleTubby 14.06.2019 16:30