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A Gift for MarcusMortem

08.10.2017 07:25
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You know, I worry a bit about him/her (what gender are you) so I made this gift to make her happy in life situations. Also, I was bored so I had a random idea for this. (I'm still 11, but this took like 4 days, and I never take a brEAK IN ANIMATING-) Music is a clip from Yorktown (Hercules Mulligan rap part)
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AnnikatheLlama 10.07.2020 09:46
thanks 11 year old hamilton fan me this might as well be my magnum opus
AnnikatheLlama 27.03.2019 13:54
hey! uh not sure if it's just me but i wanted to let this out in case
there's this one scene when the poop falls, and i'm sorry if it looks like he's eating it (i'm so sorry for saying that), but no he just ran out of breath. i really wanted to add this in a long time, and i can't really rewatch this without feeling uncomfortable. just a disclaimer for all of you :)
SpiritWolfie 08.10.2018 18:54
crazytalk 08.10.2018 18:52
AnnikatheLlama, oof i gotta send this to my bud who doesnt know him.
AnnikatheLlama 07.10.2018 02:55
crazytalk, same ;-;
crazytalk 05.10.2018 18:55
I miss him... :/ He made me feel welcome to toonator...
AnnikatheLlama 15.04.2018 07:22
2_Dog_Mittel_2 24.03.2018 10:50
wow! very good!!
nyanstar_260 14.03.2018 23:57
AnnikatheLlama 31.12.2017 20:23
I'm so grateful I'm like, on the verge of crying rn *shaking*