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Real footage of me watching jojo

03.12.2019 05:17
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kindkazoo 03.12.2019 07:32
yoshihomo, and if you honestly think I like jojo for being funny, you're dead wrong.
kindkazoo 03.12.2019 07:31
yoshihomo, so? idc, i like it.
yoshihomo 03.12.2019 06:47
kindkazoo, jojo is no longer funny stop posting it
kindkazoo 03.12.2019 05:41
Zatch, your prob joking but still
kindkazoo 03.12.2019 05:28
Zatch, I've been a Jojo fan since like 2015 fam, and I just reanimated an old animation, I don't understand how animating something I like makes me a total dipshit. but okay
Zatch 03.12.2019 05:21
You missed the deadline of being a jojo fan, everyone will think youre an annoying dipshit now