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if I was in the hungergames

09.08.2016 19:35
I'd probably either cry myself into insanity until I died or run really deep into the forest and just hide and try and not be found, and see if people forgot about me.
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Yushino 25.06.2020 06:45
Yushino, Yeah I was right
Since google+ was discontinued, I can't show her google anymore but her skype doesn't show her real face but now it just shows her real name.
So yeah, I can't disclose any of it.
Yushino 25.06.2020 05:35
_Fan_Art_, I checked her Google account like 2 years ago and it had a ton of updates, mostly about bird stuff. I forgot to mention it here and I managed to get her Skype after asking her in the comments.
I don't think she wants me to tell anyone about her Skype or her Google account because her Google acc reveals her real name and her skype shows her real face.
_Fan_Art_ 24.06.2020 03:14
AnimationsCreepy, where is she then
AnimationsCreepy 23.06.2020 15:32
update: kAnimate is alive

jsut not on toon
-__-__-__-__-__- 16.02.2020 01:29
wow what a ded user
YellowLemon 19.07.2019 21:43
suddenly dead
KunaWolf 12.05.2019 06:28
UndeterminedFate 05.10.2018 20:17
oturah 22.09.2018 05:57
sadason 04.03.2018 05:51
Lordd_Dank, mmmmmmm