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Pillar of the Sea

31.08.2018 20:16
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The Pillar is a sacred place. It is believed to guard over the long forgotten lands and waters, gently creaking in one with the wind. That doesn't stop hatchlings, thirsty for victory, race to the very top, though.



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IAlwaysWaitMore 02.09.2018 23:07
ArtisanFox, Mmmmmaybe

We’ll see ;)
ArtisanFox 02.09.2018 19:08
IAlwaysWaitMore, It would be cool if you made it a species X3
ArtisanFox 02.09.2018 10:35
o ok
IAlwaysWaitMore 02.09.2018 09:42
ArtisanFox, It’s not a species, but a small character of mine.
ArtisanFox 02.09.2018 05:08
OwO Is it a species of your own? If so could I make one?
izzyrocks 02.09.2018 04:44
budgerigar921 02.09.2018 02:10
0mg i love dis
IAlwaysWaitMore 01.09.2018 23:06
ArtisanFox, Just my own c:
ArtisanFox 01.09.2018 22:29
OwO What type of dragon? Or is it just your own
IAlwaysWaitMore 01.09.2018 20:16
massacrethedemon, Sure
DawnShadow, Thank you!