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Pillar of the Sea

31.08.2018 20:16
5 медалей
The Pillar is a sacred place. It is believed to guard over the long forgotten lands and waters, gently creaking in one with the wind. That doesn't stop hatchlings, thirsty for victory, race to the very top, though.



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SacredZeraora 01.09.2018 20:00
Jinxxus, ye marline animates, i luv that ytber
massacrethedemon 01.09.2018 19:44
can i continue this?
Jinxxus 01.09.2018 15:24
Jinxxus, or something like that.
Jinxxus 01.09.2018 15:24
DawnShadow, Marlin animates?
DawnShadow 01.09.2018 14:34
An animator that does pokemon animations used this song in their UmbreOFF Animation (On Youtube).

That doesn't really matter...

Great job! It's like a little winged lizard so cute!
IAlwaysWaitMore 01.09.2018 12:38
CCDriver, Thank you!
IAlwaysWaitMore 01.09.2018 12:38
TKninjas, Thank you so much! I really enjoyed animating it myself and trying out a new perspective/movement!
Sketchyx, Yes I did :D
Serulii, AAAAAA Thank you so much!! <3 I'm so glad you like it! And jksahksdh thank you for the medal too!
RobloxianCats, Thank you as well :D
-Hydra-, antheafc, This is my first time actually using a sketch before lineart so that helped me a lot! But thank you, I'm happy to see you were 'wowed'!
Igor2077, Aaaa and yet another medal from you, you have no idea how much I appreciate it :D Thank you!
RobloxianCats 01.09.2018 08:57
Serulii 01.09.2018 04:05
ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!! look smooth and satisfying as always!
antheafc 01.09.2018 03:15
explain how this is made