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Pillar of the Sea

31.08.2018 20:16
5 медалей
The Pillar is a sacred place. It is believed to guard over the long forgotten lands and waters, gently creaking in one with the wind. That doesn't stop hatchlings, thirsty for victory, race to the very top, though.



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-Hydra- 01.09.2018 02:15
CCDriver 01.09.2018 01:31
rad as hell
Sketchyx 01.09.2018 00:07
You finished!!! With mUsIc!!!!
TKninjas 31.08.2018 23:58
Really liked the smoothness of the movement and how it made me feel watching it, well done!
IAlwaysWaitMore 31.08.2018 22:49
_Menvis007_, Thank you <33
Zodiacc, Thanks! You need 500 spiders and a file of the music you want to add, then after finishing the animation you go to Multator and click the microphone icon on your toon c: It will open your files and you can choose the music from there!
_Disaster_, Thanks for the medal!
Zodiacc 31.08.2018 22:30
how do you put songs in your animations btw?? also its kawaii x3
_Menvis007_ 31.08.2018 22:24
Ohhhhhhhhhhh I loveeee it !!!!!!!! You made great work of it!!!
SacredZeraora 31.08.2018 22:10
DaleksOfSkaro, i wanna see that too xd
DaleksOfSkaro 31.08.2018 22:00
IAlwaysWaitMore, and now i wanna see how to train your dragon 3 even more THANKS ALOT ;-;
RavenclawsUnite 31.08.2018 21:29
heh looking at toons that actually have comments on them..

Nice work on the animation!